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          There is no better place to use magnification than in the practice of dentistry.  Micro-dentistry involves the use of a dental microscope designed to allow Dr. Luizzi to be able to view the most microscopic amounts of decay under high magnification.  It also allows him to be extremely conservative in the amount of disease removal from the tooth.  Today, teeth can be restored by removing only the diseased parts of the tooth.

          You’ll notice that we did not say “drill” decay from a tooth because Dr. Luizzi frequently uses an Erbium laser to focus a very, very fine beam of light to remove diseased tooth structure. These techniques frequently require a dramatic reduction in numbing of the area.

          The marriage of the microscope to magnify up to 24 times and the precision and “fineness” of the dental laser results in the ability to keep a tooth for a lifetime.

          The art of dentistry is based on precision.  The naked human eye is capable of distinguishing fine detail but is no match for what can be accomplished when an image is sharpened and enlarged.  The dental microscope and other forms of magnification fill that need.

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